Long time professional photographer Joshua Kristal conceived the Visual Aid Foundation after years of approaching nonprofit organizations for work and hearing the same thing, that is, that there was no budget available for professional photography.  Joshua feels strongly that the profoundly powerful medium of photography is not being used as effectively as it should be and created the Visual Aid Foundation to address this issue.   Amazing photography is created everyday around the world by incredible photographers but is only seen for a glancing moment in a newspapers or on-line.  It might awaken people to issues around the world for that short moment but then it’s audience slips back into their daily, busy lives.   You most likely have seen incredibly riveting and sorrowful images from the refugee camps of Syria but five years later they still exist and grow larger everyday.  The aid agencies working to elevate the suffering there are the ones that can truly leverage these powerful images to help raise money to support their vital missions.   They need our images.  We have all seen images of the devastating clear cutting around the world but then what do we do?   There are a multitude of grass roots organizations fighting these environmental catastrophes but they are underfunded and struggling to maintain solvency let along creating dynamic marketing campaigns.  This is the concept of The Visual Aid Foundation; To aid the people on the ground working day to day to solve the problems around the world, to end the plight of peoples suffering,  to educate children, to help people create sustainable agricultural techniques.


In an effort to help our clients produce high quality photography for their future marketing endeavors, The Visual Aid Foundation will conduct in-depth photographic workshops with the organizations we assist by holding photography classes for employees and students in the local communities ensuring that they can produce needed content in the future.


The Visual Aid Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing impactful, high-quality photography to nonprofit organizations that lack the financial resources to effectively promote themselves.  We are confidant these organizations help to build a more just and humane world and believe that photography plays a pivotal role in them achieving their fundamental goals.


The Visual Aid Foundation believes that photography is one of the most powerful marketing tools an organization can employ in conveying its mission to an audience.   But sadly, non-profits rarely can afford to invest in this invaluable service.   As a result, they settle for substandard work that is uninspired leaving them unable to reach their audiences in a meaningful way.  Forced to use these amateurish materials, the organizations marketing campaigns are rarely helpful in communicating the mission in an effective way and fails to help them achieve their necessary outreach and fundraising goals.  It’s a negative feedback loop which hinders the groups from achieving results.


The Visual Aid Foundation searches out non-profits in need of high-quality, professional photography and then supports them by creating customized, engaging and inspired images that fit into their new or existing marketing campaigns.  By aiding the organizations in this way we assist them in achieving their own organization's goals. Visual Aid’s services help to empower grass-root organizations working to solve the pressing issues of our times and by improving the efficacy of their marketing campaigns, Visual Aid has the potential to create a significant impact rapidly with minimal structural implementation.